Coconuts, Bloomingfoods, and Spring

Soooo, last night I finally had the courage to try and open the young Thai coconut that has been languishing in my fridge after watching Kristen Suzanne of Kristen’s Raw show how to do it easily here.  By the way, she’s absolutely awesome.  Need some encouragement and ideas?  Hit Kristen Suzanne up.  I can spend hours reading her posts.

Anyway, I forgot to take pictures of the coconut before & after, and the coconut water, but let me tell you…awesome. I loved hacking it open, I loved scooping it out, and I loved drinking the water.  Absolutely delicious, and cold from the fridge.  I always thought I didn’t like coconuts, because the meat was so hard and not especially flavorful.  That was because I had never had a young Thai coconut!  The meat is much softer, tastier, and easier to get out.  I ate about 3/4 of the meat last night, and I put the last bit in my smoothie this morning!  And the coconut water was pure deliciousness + I felt so much better after drinking it!  Lots of energy.  🙂

I had a blueberry/spinach/coconut/mango smoothie for breakfast.  I have mixed feelings about mango, and my smoothie wasn’t fantastic, but it was okay.  I also wasn’t feeling too well this morning, so…maybe that’s why.

After a healthy breakfast, I did something I’ve been doing the past couple days on campus.  I had a Jimmy John’s vegetarian sandwich.  I love these sandwiches, and while I’m sure they are not healthy in the slightest, I haven’t given them up…yet.  After that I had a coffee and a large banana chocolate chip cookie.  Oof.

On to this afternoon, where I so enjoyed the weather after class.  Everything was so green.  Walking through the woods on campus:

And I stopped to smell these beautiful flowers.  They smelled fantastic!

So many people passed me, probably giving me strange looks, but I couldn’t stop smelling them!

For dinner at work I had leftover ratatouille (I made it myself!) and sesame cashew noodles from Bloomingfoods.

Ingredients: wheat noodles, cilantro, roasted cashews, sesame oil, tamari, rice vinegar, garlic, red pepper flakes, sugar

They’re spicy, earthy, a little oily (in a good way most of the time), and delicious.  The noodles melt in your mouth.  I’m sure there’s quite a bit of fat content from the cashews and oil, as it’s very filling, but sometimes it just hits the spot.  Definitely not Raw, but I can’t resist!

At work after dinner I had a snack:

Raw Rev 100 calorie Organic Live Food Bar
Ingredients: cashew, dates, agave nectar, coconut, cocoa powder processed with alkali, almond, sprouted flax – certified organic

I tried this cute little bar from Bloomingfoods our awesome local co-op.  I adore Bloomingfoods and you’ll see me mention it a lot.  The downtown location is a block away from my workplace, and it’s a great place to grocery shop, or just pick up a snack.  I tried the chocolate & coconut flavor and it reminded me of a Larabar.  I’ve never tried their chocolate & coconut flavor but it’s probably similar.

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week, so I try to make relatively good choices throughout my day.  I feel pretty good about today, though with a little more planning (and less craving Jimmy John’s!) I’ll get through just fine.


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