Pita and Guilty Puppies!

Let’s hear it for 2 great days in a row!  Maybe it’s that school is ending, but I’ve just had such a great time lately.

Last week my P303 Corrections professor (who is writing me a rec letter and loves me) asked me to come early to his 9:30 am class, the last “real” class of the semester, so I could administer the professor evaluations.  Of course, I woke up at 9:15 this morning.  Ugh. I freaked out.  What an awful start.  I bolted out of bed, left for class, then decided I was going to be too late for what he wanted me to do anyway.  So I turned around, went home and took a shower.  Then I went to class (walked in just as it ended) to say hi to Prof. Oliver, apologize, and tell him how much I’ve enjoyed the 2 classes I’ve taken with him.  He was totally cool with it, wished me luck and told me to keep in touch.  It was an awesome beginning.  I love that man.

Walking through campus with such beautiful weather (and a great hair day) made me so happy.  Something I heard a while ago: Regret is such a useless emotion. After feeling awful this morning about sleeping in, I decided “What’s done is done, just go to class and apologize.”  And it ended up not being a big deal.  So basically I decided to have a good day.  And now I have. Then I read an article in a magazine that “Happiness is a state of mind, not what happens to you in a day.” It’s so true!  Today could have been awful, but I decided to have a good day and be happy, and I am.  🙂

I got home (after awful traffic – another thing that couldn’t faze my mood!) and decided to get some Vitamin D.  Yeah!  I lay out for 25 minutes on our pool deck.  I definitely am not a “sunbather” and I am careful with my skin in the summer, but lately I’ve been feeling sun-deprived.  So I listened to my body and spent some time outside.

It’s not very pretty right now since we haven’t opened it yet for the season.  But it was so nice being in the sun.  And the Indiana woods behind – pretty, green, and shady.

Lunch was delicious and fast.

Pita w/red pepper hummus and red onion, 1/2 cucumber, stalk of celery, slice of tomato w/salt & pepper, 3 large strawberries.  Afterward I had a scoop of chocolate coconut snowballs.

Tonight I went to dinner with 3 of my best friends, all of whom I went to high school with.  We had a great time and ate at McAlister’s.  A new person was taking our orders, so it took forever for him to get them right.  I felt kind of bad for him, especially since I was asking for so many changes (no meat, no cheese, no bell pepper, on sourdough, etc.)  He actually got it wrong anyway, but I wasn’t going to send it back.  I like pita, anyway.

So I basically had the same thing for dinner that I had for lunch.  No biggie, I love my pita + hummus!  I didn’t want to dip the sandwich in the ranch they serve with it so I brought two tupperware containers with me – one with hummus, one with baba ganoush.  Delicious!

I got home to find my 11 year-old puppy had gotten into my trash.  I can always tell cause he slinks forward to greet me, and then has a guilty look on his face until he knows I’ve forgiven him.

Who couldn’t forgive that face?!?

I hope everyone had as good of a day as I did!  🙂


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