Peppermint & Lizards

Lately I’ve been waking up feeling slightly nauseated and not hungry, which is very weird for me.  I’m usually a Breakfast girl, ready to eat as soon as I get up.

Yesterday I got up and made a morning smoothie of 1 banana, ~1 cup chocolate hemp milk, a handful of blackberries, and ~1.5 cups baby spinach.  Usually I would love this, but for some reason I was not feeling it.  Disappointing.  And of course I forgot to take a picture.

It’s finals week, and I ran so many errands yesterday that when I did realize I was hungry, I was hungry.  I got a Jimmy John’s vegeterian sub, and there was a new girl who put some kind of oil sauce on my sandwich that should not go on the vegetarian (I think it was meant for a sicilian or something).  It tasted good but didn’t really help my queasiness.  I was still hungry (cause I ate too fast) and so I had a chocolate mint Jocolat which I’ve decided I don’t like.  Chocolate was good, mint – not so much.  And THEN, of course, I was too full.   *sigh*  I just couldn’t win.

Seven hours later after studying ASL with a friend, dinner rolled around.  And it was much better.

I had a whole wheat pita with tomato slices & 1/2 avocado, 1/2 avocado guacamole.  I had a bit of rice with some Indian spiced potato mash (I don’t remember what this was – it was what my family had for dinner and it was vegetarian).

Fruit was some blackberries w/a little bit of cooked brown sugar apple, and pineapple.

Eaten with a small salad w/olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper.

I got a trick from Oh She Glows (via her husband!) to dilute some orange juice with water.

In my Tervis tumbler.

And that was yesterday!

Today has been pretty regular; banana for breakfast, toast with tomatoes and avocado.  I did try to make some banana chocolate soft serve, but I added some peppermint extract and it was Too Much.  It made the whole thing gross and I just started over.  😦

I did some wandering around PetCo to kill some time before an interview this morning.  I had lots of fun looking at all the fish, birds, turtles, and hermit crabs.  Get a load of this guy!

Not the best picture, but this lizard looked prehistoric!  His eyes were strangely slitted, like a crocodile.  So bizarre and cool!

I anticipate another attempt at chocolate softserve tonight.  Without peppermint this time.


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