Upland Brewing Co.

Friday night my friends and I ate at Upland Brewing Co. and had some fantastic food.

Upland is an award winning microbrewery that has been around since 1998 in Bloomington, Indiana.  You can get their beer in many local stores in Indiana, and their restaurant isn’t half bad, either!  Upland is a good choice for supporting a local brewery that is also focused on energy conservation and community.

I was really excited to get there and see a pretty good variety of vegetarian options.  There was even a salad designated as vegan!  Of course, it’s pretty easy to make a vegan salad, but the fact that it’s pointed out on the menu is pretty cool.Their menu is online, too, which is nice.

One downside is that they don’t take reservations, and you can’t call ahead to put your names on a list.  So we had to wait to get a table, and they are basically always busy.  The good thing?  They told us it would be about a 30 minute wait, but we got in around 10 minutes after that.

I decided to get the Upland Wheat Ale.  I’ve had this beer a couple times before and I enjoy it.  It’s light and summery, has a hint of bitterness, and is served with a slice of orange.  Plus, it’s beautiful.  Unfortunately, I was a little remiss in taking pictures (shock!) and the only picture I have is after I drank almost half of it and squeezed the orange to death.  :/

I chose the Coconut Tofu with Orange-Ginger Vinaigrette for my entree.

Coconut breaded tofu, cherry tomatoes, carrots julienne, sliced cucumbers, mixed field greens. (It doesn’t come with a pickle, but a friend didn’t want hers.  I love my pickles!)

The orange-ginger vinaigrette was awesome.  I want this dressing in a bottle to eat at home!  I was dipping my last bites of tofu into it – odd since I usually don’t like semi-sweet dressings, or ginger.

Along with my Wheat Ale and Coconut Tofu I got a cup of the tomato florentine soup, which was delicious.  I loved the wilted spinach in it, and it had some surprising veggies and a light tomato flavor.

All in all, despite being a little more expensive as restaurants go, I would love to go back again soon.  I loved the food I got, the company I was with, and supporting a local business!


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