Deja Vu Tuesday

Sunday afternoon I had these beauties for lunch at work.

A green tea shot, Raw chocolate coconut bite, and a quinoa feta tomato pita.  The pita was so messy!  It didn’t stay together well, but it tasted so good.  But there was this guy watching me try to eat it outside.  I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me.  😉

I also went SWIMMING for the first time this summer after I got home from work!  😀

I had a tomato wrap for Sunday dinner.  Tomato slices, spinach, quinoa, salt & pepper, a bit of Goddess dressing and vegenaise on pita.

Dessert was blackberries and blueberries with 3/4 of a homemade vegan peanut butter cup!

I didn’t go to sleep at all on Sunday night!  :O  I was reading a good book and surfing the internet….not very good for me but it’s summer, and I felt like doing it.  Reason enough for me.  So about halfway through the night I was super craving a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, but I didn’t want to overstuff myself with a sandwich when I shouldn’t have even been eating at all!  So I had a poor man’s peanut butter & jelly.  Or rich, if you can afford almond butter and blackberry jam. 😉  I love eating one bite of each, and then one mixed bite.  I’m weird like that.  haha!

Monday morning was unusual since I was already up, so I didn’t want a “breakfasty” food.  I had a another tomato wraptomatoes, spinach, quinoa, pepper. This time I had it without vegenaise and with Woodstock dressing.

For work I made a double iced coffee.  Kept me awake! haha

2 Via packets
Lots of ice
A bit of almond milk
1 T. cactus honey powder

Lunch after work was Vegan Overnight Oats.  I don’t have any chia seeds [yet!] but it was great!

With a little peanut butter and blackberry jam.  I told you I was obsessed!!

Dinner was the best salad I’ve had in ages!

Baby spinach, lettuce, quinoa, tomato, Annie’s Woodstock dressing, and croutons.

A little bit of heaven on my lap.  🙂

After dinner yesterday I took a bike ride around my neighborhood and a little bit beyond.  Confession: I haven’t been on a bike in years. I used to love riding my bike, and at my old house I’d ride all around the park, but out here it’s a little more dangerous if you want to go outside the neighborhood at all.  And I’m too scared of getting hit by all the speeders out here.  But I climbed on (my brother’s) bike (which needs air in its tires), and had a great 25 minute ride.  I forgot how much I loved it!!  It was great!  I got super sweaty in the heat, but it was totally worth it.

—– —– —–

Tuesday has been a topsy-turvy Monday!! haha!

Vegan Overnight Oats for breakfast this time w/0 PB & jelly.  Sorry, I didn’t take a new pic.

Lunch was Quinoa Woodstock salad with red onions.  Croutons on the side.

And I’ll probably have a wrap tonight!  😀

But for now I’m going to go watch Merlin and ride out this crazy storm Indiana is having.  Tornado season!

And maybe Gus will stop by to watch and stare at Bradley James with me again tonight.  😛  And, really, who could blame him?  😉  I mean, just look at that face.


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