Taste of Bloomington!

Saturday a friend and I went to the Bloomington’s 28th Annual Taste of Bloomington.


“Taste of Bloomington is a one day Food and Music Festival that celebrates the Bloomington, Indiana community, especially its food service industry. In addition to raising money for local charities, the fest also features food from local restaurants and live music all day from local, regional, and national acts.”

Taste of Bloomington is one of my family’s traditions.  It’s an easy, relatively cheap way to sample many of the different Bloomington restaurants you’ve maybe never quite gotten around to going to.  It’s generally hot, crowded, loud, and fun.  My mom was out of town 😦 so I went with R and we wandered around in a low-key fashion, enjoying the sights and sounds of Bloomington, IN residents. haha!

I didn’t take pictures since I had my hands full of lemonade and food, plus dodging the many people in the crowd.  So I’ll just give a quick run through of what I sampled and who provided them.  And I found some approximate pictures on the internet, so I’ll use those (at least there’ll be pictures!)

Be warned – this was most definitely not a Raw day!  I could have done a lot better.

*Virgin* Pina Colada – Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies who apparently don’t have an actual location in Bloomington!  Bummer.  But it did come with an umbrella!


Fried pickles with ranch – Scotty’s Brewhouse Good but a little salty, and of course, fried.


Potato Okra Curry, Eggplant with bread, baklava – Samira I loved the eggplant, the curry was a little too spicy for a hot day, but good, and I always enjoy baklava.




Strawberry Lemonade – Mother Bear’s Pizza One of Bloomington’s award winning pizzerias.  My friends & I don’t go here too often since it’s always SO crowded during the school year.  Really close to campus and very popular with students.  But what I’ve had there I have enjoyed.


After enjoying the sun, seeing my sister and some of her friends, R and I headed back to her apartment and played Wii Mario Kart which I am so much better at than original Mario Kart.  I’m always Yoshi.  🙂


Then came late night, and we had fried mushrooms on the brain.  We headed out to the Irish Lion and shared an order of them, plus an order of fries.  I love the Irish Lion.  They can handle large dinner parties, they take reservations, have excellent food (only a couple of veg. options, unfortunately) and are also a great bar with an wonderful pub atmosphere.  It’s where I chose to have my 21st birthday.  The Dirty Nellie is one of my favorite drinks, ever.

Yeah, definitely not a Raw day.  But I had a lot of fun.  😀


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