I’m Back!

Hello!  Sorry I’ve been awol lately.  I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of my food, and going out with friends a lot.  🙂  Also, a lot of my time has been taken up by the World Cup!!! ❤

Let’s take a moment to make this a Fernando Torres Appreciation Blog.  😉


Good enough to eat?  😉  haha!



But don’t let that baby face fool you – he’s 25, married to his longtime sweetheart, and they have a baby girl!


Let’s say it together:  Awwwww!  Adorable picture – even if he doesn’t look too happy about having his picture taken.  haha!

Anyway, on to food and real life!  Wednesday morning my mom and I drove up to visit my sister and her kids.  She and her husband are training for a triathlon in Denver this fall, and they usually do a half-marathon every year!  My brother-in-law has lost 30 pounds recently and really changed his life.  I am so proud of them.  They want me to do triathlons and marathons with them.  I’m tempted…but I need to work my way up to it!

Wednesday night I had a “taco” salad.  Romaine with black beans, guacamole, a little sour cream, lots of salsa, and baked tortilla chips. It was wonderful.  We also had a long discussion about my vegetarianism and food choices.  I read in all these blogs about people asking, “Where do you get your protein?” and I thought it was weird because no one had ever asked me that. Well, my brother-in-law was the first to do just that.  He’s working on building muscle, and the diet regimen he is on is very protein heavy.  I think I made a good case for myself.

We also talked about the social aspect of meals.  This is important to me; I always sit down for family dinners even if I’m not eating everything my family is.  My B-I-L’s sister never eats with them, and he takes it personally, since they do try to accomodate her.  It hurts him that she distances herself in that way.  I think he felt better when I especially focused on the fact that I am choosing this for myself, and not forcing it on others.  I don’t ask for meals to be changed for me.  At dinner, I just chose not to have the taco meat.  I don’t preach, and I don’t talk about it unless someone asks me to.  I am not to the point of wanting to “convert” others.  I want to be part of my family, mealtimes included.

And the sweet thing is, after I got home I got an email that my sister forwarded to me from my B-I-L.  He went online and found a vegan nutrition-savvy blogger and her tips about protein intake, and sent it on to me. He didn’t berate me or attack me for my vegetarianism and move toward veganism (even though he doesn’t agree with me), and is just trying to help me be as healthy as I can.  He did ask some hard questions, but he didn’t judge me for my food choices, just as I don’t judge him.  🙂  It made me so happy.


Thursday morning I had my overnight oats.  Since my BIL and I had talked about protein, he gave me one of his Bill Phillips Right Light Nutrition Shake in Vanilla.  I added it to 1/2 c. rolled oats and put it in the fridge.  In the morning I added about 1/2 t. cinnamon.  It was delicious!  And so filling.  And the nutritional stats are so amazing!  It’s basically a daily vitamin, plus 22 grams of protein.  I do need to get some kind of protein supplement, since I don’t think I’m getting my daily requirement, every day.  But I do pretty well most of the day, I think.

Nutritional Stats:
130 calories
22 g whey protein
0 g fat
630 mg potassium
250 mg sodium
11g carbs
3 g dietary fiber
Fat free and sugar free – Free of aspartame and sucralose
23 vitamins and minerals
150 mg green tea extract

Although the “sugar free” thing bothers me (since it is sweet and has maltodextrin – which is a food additive) for the most part all of the ingredients are whole and healthy.  It’s actually really impressive, and my mom was also impressed by the ingredient list.  I would buy these.  Especially in chocolate!

Percent Daily Nutritional Values:

30% vitamin A
10% calcium
50% vitamin D
50% vitamin K
50% riboflavin
50% vitamin B6
80% vitamin B12
50% pantothenic acid
20% zinc
80% manganese
50% molybdenum
100% vitamin C
10% iron
100% vitamin E
50% thiamin
50% niacin
80% folate
50% biotin
50% iodine
50% selenium
80% chormium
20% chloride


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