Uruguay vs. Ghana

This morning I got up at 9:30 am (I don’t work Fridays) to watch the 10 am Netherlands vs. Brazil game, which was fun.  Brazil (ranked #1!) lost 2-1.  Although there were tons of dives and embellishments, in hopes for fouls.  And that’s never fun to watch.  Sort of the “dirty” part of soccer, IMO.  It bothers my brother too (a high school varsity soccer player since his sophomore year).  He always just rolled, and popped right back up like a stuntman, 🙂 when if he stayed down the ref would probably have counted it a foul.  But a lot of the time, the player isn’t hurt, especially if they just got tapped and fell over.

During halftime of the game I made breakfast.  My morning smoothie.

1 frozen banana
1 T. cocoa powder
1 T. raw almond butter
1 T. peanut butter
~1 c. spinach
Almond milk (enough to mix, ~1.5 cups)

I looked up the protein information for almond and peanut butter.  A serving size is 2 tablespoons, and 7 grams of protein.  So my smoothie had about 7 g. protein, which made it filling (along with all the fat from the nut butters, too!  Good fats, but still…)

I ran an errand today, and picked up some Teva flipflops that I’ve been wanting to get for a while.  Two of my friends already have them in the same style, so I didn’t necessarily want to copy them, but I love the style, and I was getting very tired of just having my regular wide strapped Teva flipflops.  I also picked up some generic protein powder that I’m not super excited about.  I really want to get some rice and/or hemp protein powder.  I’ll probably do another post about those and what I think about them sometime soon.

Moving on to this afternoon, and the Uruguay vs. Ghana game.


Ridiculousness.  Basically, they tied 1-1 during regular play time.  Went into overtime, and Ghana was *so* close to scoring – they got the ball past the keeper, and there was a frenzy.  Ghana would have scored, aka the ball was going over the goal line if Suarez (Uruguay) didn’t knock the ball out of the goal line with his hand.  I think anyone who knows anything about soccer knows that this is a big no-no.  So he got a red card, and Ghana got a penalty kick.  It would have won the game, but they missed it.  The score was still tied and they had to go to penalty kicks.

I hate penalty kicks.  With a passion.  They are the worst possible way to lose a game.  Ghana scored two, then Uruguay scored two.  Then Ghana missed, then Uruguay missed.  Then Ghana missed, and if Uruguay made their last goal they’d win, and if they lost they’d be tied.  Tied to the last goal kick – Uruguay – and they made it in.

If Uruguay had gotten a goal in during regular play time, or even overtime, it wouldn’t have hurt nearly as badly as losing to the last penalty kick of a game that would have been over at the end of overtime if someone hadn’t effing knocked the ball out with his hand!!!!!!!

End rant.


I’m going to go have a Quinoa Woodstock salad and decompress before going out to watch some karaoke and have fun with my friends.  🙂


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