Jocalat Chocolate Coffee Review

Today my snack at work was a Jocalat Chocolate Coffee bar.  The only other Jocalat bar I’ve had is the Mint Chocolate I had a few weeks ago.  If you remember, I really didn’t like it.  The mint was gross (and I usually love mint chocolate things) and I didn’t enjoy the bar at all.

Well, different story second time around.  The Chocolate Coffee bar was quite good.  I enjoyed it, although as with all Larabar products, the bar is quite small for packing ~11 grams of fat.  This always helps with satiety, but sometimes you don’t want that much fat in such a little bar.  But as a quick power snack for work, it works quite well.

Although it tasted good, if you had given me this bar without the packaging, I would not have guessed that it was flavored with coffee.  And it could have tasted more like chocolate, as well.  A lot of Larabars taste like what they are “supposed” to taste like.  This one was good, but I would have guessed it was just date flavored, with a hint of chocolate.  I couldn’t tell it was coffee flavored at all.

All in all, I would probably buy this one again, although only if it was on sale.


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