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Back to Business

So I finally got internet in my room again!  In celebration, I made some hummus.  Hopefully, with things getting back to normal interwebz-wise, I will be back to regular posting.  🙂

So.  Happy.

Of course, because one technology is back, another one has to go out.  Enter me dropping my cell phone in the washing machine.  FML.  Oh well.  I was due for an upgrade (just this week, thank goodness!)  However, I was going to give my brother my old phone since he dropped his fancy-schmancy phone on our concrete driveway a couple months ago and has been working with a phone with 75% of the screen messed up.  Poor guy, he and his girlfriend text all the time.  So I’m letting it dry out, and hopefully it’ll still work…


Just glad to be back!  😀


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