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Little 500, Vegan-for-a-day

Little 500 was on this past weekend here in Bloomington.  IU gets crazy and there are so many cops and people and noise. Wow.  Well, up until now I’ve never been out for Little 5, since a) I’m from Bloomington, so it’s kind of an eh thing – happens every year and b) I only turned 21 this last year.

But, surprise, surprise!  I actually participated in some partying!  Not that I’m proud of partying (of course I love dancing and whatnot) but it was a lot of fun getting out and seeing everyone around, and of course I love my best girls. 🙂  We were going to dance on Saturday night, but the Root Cellar was not hopping, and so we went to The Vid, pretty much our favorite bar in B-town.  It was a good night, not too crazy but of course we were out til quite late. 😉

Two of my very favoritest girls ever!!  Ignore the creepsters in the background.  😛

And a highlight from last week, my little brother loving his big sister’s attention tolerating me. 🙂

“I am the walrus, I am am the eggman!

The funny thing about this is that Doug hates carrots unless they’ve been cooked into oblivion/mush.  He can’t swallow them for some reason (so of course I had to make him a vampire/walrus).  He’ll chew and chew and chew, and then he just can’t get them down.  Weird!  I have another friend with the same problem.  Oh, texture.  How we curse you.

Skip forward to today – I’ve eaten vegan all day, practically without trying!

Being vegan is not my goal at this point, but I do think it is a very healthy lifestyle choice if you can make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. I’ve become a vegetarian, and I may take to thinking of myself as an “accidental vegan.”  Just based on my emphasis on Raw living foods, I’ve become more aware of where my food comes from, and am more willing to just not put butter on some toast.


1 banana for breakfast (rushing to class)


1 slice whole wheat bread
1/2 avocado w/salt
Blended: 2 cups greens + 1 cup frozen blueberries
1 ice cream scoop of Averie’s chocolate coconut snowballs (delicious!)
1 cup almond milk


1 banana w/almond butter at work


2 slices whole wheat bread
1 with 1/2 an avocado
1 with 3 slices of tomato with salt & pepper (fantastic)
Blended: 1/2 cucumber + 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 ice cream scoop of Averie’s chocolate coconut snowballs (seriously – worth making, and it takes 5 minutes)

This was dinner.  The cucumber + blueberries was a little weird, even for the cucumber aficionado that I am.  It was too much.  But I got it all down, and I feel really good about today.  🙂  I even went to the grocery store after work, and most of the things I passed I didn’t even want.  My body literally just did not feel like having Cheetos or Doritos or Diet Coke.  I had very little temptation to pick those up, and I went straight to produce and picked up green leaf lettuce, 2 avocados, 2 pears, 2 cucumbers, 1 red onion, and 2 mangoes.

I feel so good.  And that’s worth everything.


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