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The Village Deli, Juicing, and Failing at Rice

Thursday was kind of a weird day for me.  I had my normal smoothie in the morning, as well as 1/2 a blueberry waffle (made with coconut oil).

After a test, I found out my 2nd class of the day was cancelled, so I went to the grocery store and picked up some fun stuff!

This is a picture of a random swan/goose decal on an old truck in the parking lot.  Sort of bizarre and cool.

I got organic garlic powder (love garlic!) in an awesome glass container that I fully intend to reuse for homemade spices, etc.  They had extra virgin olive oil in those big steel drums, so I got some in a “honey bear” container.  Some organic yellow mustard, coconut milk, an avocado, and a young Thai coconut (not pictured – getting cold in the fridge!).  I told my mom how much I loved the coconut, and so I wanted to have one with her.  I got it at a local asian foods market, and I bought the last one they had!  I wish there had been more, I would have gotten them!  Oh well, we’ll share.  🙂

I also got some nutritional yeast.  I’ve heard a bunch about it, and I’m excited to see what I can do with it.

I called a friend I don’t  see often and asked him out to lunch, since I was unexpectedly free.  We ate at The Village Deli, a local downtown hotspot that I sometimes CRAVE.  It’s really nice in the summer when all the students have gone home.  Sometimes the line is out the door (not fun).  They have really nice outdoor eating area with bright picnic tables.  We sat inside.  I had the Veggie Village Delight with fries.  I rarely eat fries, so I tend to indulge there, because I love them.  Yum.  Not doing very well on Raw and healthy, right?  Well, it’s a work in progress…

Cucumber, onion, sprouts, tomatoes, and dusseldorf mustard.  I got mine with extra onion.

I was so full afterward I didn’t have to eat for hours.  I probably definitely overate.  I’ve been working on listening to my body, but…woops.

Skip forward 7 hours, when I finally realize that I am hungry.  I decided to make carrot curry, which I actually didn’t end up eating then.  I felt that lunch had been a little “heavy” so I juiced.

My ingredients: carrots, 1 apple, ~4 chard leaves (plus some grapes I threw in at the last minute)

I was going to a movie with friends, so I needed a little more than juice to tide me over.  I blended my juice with a frozen banana.  It really filled me up!  I wouldn’t put so much chard in next time – it was kind of spicy.  I took the picture next to our old-timey radio in the kitchen.  I love that thing.

I got home late, and hungry.  I wanted to make rice for the curry.  Rice intimidates me.  It shouldn’t be hard, but somehow…  I did it the way my mom told me, but after the timer went off it was still too wet.  I was starving, so I turned up the heat, and was just generally impatient and abusive with my rice.  It ended up way too sticky on the outside and a little undercooked on the inside.  I ate it anyway.  I’ll try again soon, hopefully with better results.

Friday afternoon I had a snack of velvet pumpkin peanut soup and raspberry kombucha, both from Bloomingfoods.

Friday night a couple friends and I went out for our usual Friday night dinner.  We ate at an awesome local restaurant that I definitely will have to write about soon.  But for now, I’m going to go make some hummus and watch the X-Files.  Yay for Saturdays!  🙂


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